Yet more proof NY’s education leaders hate excellence

Shameless: The State Education Department on Tuesday canceled next week’s Regents exam in US history and government, on the ridiculous grounds that some questions could “compound” student trauma over the Buffalo supermarket shooting.

Sorry: If the kids can’t handle questions, they shouldn’t be taking any tests. At most, allow for waivers for the handful of students who, say, lost family in the massacre.

But naturally Education Commissioner Betty Rosa’s next step is to ask the Board of Regents to let every kid who was to take the test qualify for a Regents high-school diploma as if they’d passed it. (They happily will, since most Regents despise all high-stakes testing.)

But that doesn’t help kids who want a good score to win AP credits for college, or just want to show off their learning.

The move follows two years of multiple Regents cancellations on various COVID excuses. Soon they’ll be blaming the weather, or “traumatizing” election results.

This is “gambling . . . with our children’s education,” warns Frances Kweller, who directs a tutoring center that preps kids for state exams. “They are canceling the entire test on one week’s notice? What message does that send to children who prepared for 10 months?”

The message is, once again: The folks in charge of education in the Empire State are outright enemies of excellence.