Support education equity in Connecticut

On March 4, I had the pleasure of attending and testifying at a public hearing for bills raised in the Education Committee of the Connecticut General Assembly. Though I was only present for around five of the more than 12 hours of testimony, I remember thinking “this is democracy at work.” A unique part of our governmental system is the ability to speak directly to legislators, as equals, and to have your voice heard, and for the first time I witnessed this process live, albeit virtually.

Over a month later, I still find myself thinking about one piece of testimony in particular. In reference to H.B. 5283, a student from Bridgeport joined the meeting and discussed his concerns about the lack of funding and the consequent issues that arise from it. This young man explained how in his high school, students who are unable to take school buses must instead take city buses, and feel unsafe traveling to and from school, creating unnecessary stress and concern for students and parents alike.