Scope of online tutoring is bound to grow exponentially

Mumbai: What is the scope of online tutoring, post pandemic?

A report by Technavio, a global market research firm, the online

tutoring services market in India is set to grow by $14.76 billion from 2020 to 2025, progressing at a CAGR of 15.96 per cent during the forecast period. India is among the top three countries in the world after China and the USA to get the most venture capital funding in the edtech sector. Owing to a variety of factors such as low cost of online education, government led initiatives to boost e-learning, expanding internet userbase, flexibility and customisation, the scope of online tutoring is bound to grow exponentially.

However, the sector still has infrastructure constraints due to poor connectivity and low-end devices. So, for wider edtech adoption, stakeholders must cater to the need for affordable edtech offerings. In the coming future, online education is going to be a part of every person’s life and we need to be prepared for the changes at the earliest.

Could you tell us about GuruQ?

Parents and students today are presented with the challenge of finding skilled tutors who are capable of providing quality education at affordable prices. GuruQ addresses this problem effectively by providing a cohesive platform that allows students to find and connect with the ‘right tutors.’ It is the leader of imparting quality education in all parts of India which has revolutionised the edtech space with complete customisation of classes unlike any other learning platforms.

What types of services is the company putting in place to assist students?

The company provides an array of services to students in India. It is the one-stop solution for all tutoring needs. GuruQ assists students in finding the right tutors for the below mentioned programs across school, college and university levels.

Who are your trainers and tutors?

GuruQ boasts of the quality of its educators. It has a pool of quality educators across India. Unlike any other learning platform, the company whets its teaching professionals against an immersive 5-step certification process. In order to be onboarded as an educator here, one has to go through a rigorous process including Registration, Proficiency test, Verification of personal information, personal interview, and background verification.

Online Tutoring ensures a quality learning environment. How? Online learning ensures quality learning in the following ways:

Learner centric: The online platforms are centred around how students can make the most of their limited time and resources. The ability to customise every class and topic is what makes it effective. Here, students can use various search parameters to quickly and easily find tutors to match their exact requirements.

Tech powered: Every platform today is using unparalleled

technology in accordance with its target marker. The company helps students make informed decisions based on unbiased reviews and ratings of tutors by other students and parents.

The in-built video conference with a whiteboard and screen-sharing option available in the app for all students is an added advantage. Students have the flexibility of customising each class with their tutor and studying exactly what they want to. In addition, they can also make custom study plans with their tutor.

What is the best way for students to contact GuruQ?

Students can contact the company through its official website. In order to book tutor, parents and students can download the application on Android and iOS devices. The interface of the application is extremely user friendly and allows students to book tutors and schedule classes at their own convenience.

How online tutoring can be effective?

Online tutoring can be effective in the following ways:

1. Utilize a variety of technology options.

When it comes to online learning, utilising technology is absolutely crucial for success. There are many ways that those who are teaching need to prepare to implement technology inside their classrooms, especially when they are primarily connecting with students online.

Teachers should use assisting tools including YouTube, Power Point, Prezi, and learning games. These can help add an interactive and visual element to online classroom.

2. Connect to students individually

While those who teach need to create good strategies that will help them work with all of their students, when they are in an online environment it is extremely important to also meet with students individually. Meeting one-on-one with students will help teachers evaluate how their students are doing.

3. Prepare to work with parents

As teachers spend less or no time with their students in an actual classroom, parental involvement will play a huge role in students’ success. Parents will also be needed to help answer questions and work on assignments for the online courses and lessons, so it’s vital for teachers to communicate regularly with them about what the expectations for their students are.

What are expansion and growth plans for next 5 years?

The company already has a base of over a lakh quality educator that are supporting the learners across Tier 1, II and III cities in India. It intends to keep upgrading the student experience on the application in order to meet the rising consumer demand. In the immediate future, the application will feature modalities such as group classes, institute module, robust reward system, and AI based progress reports. GuruQ will also introduce the gamified version of learning on the application that allows students to be more engaged while learning.

In the next 5 years, the startup is planning on acquiring complementary edtech products through various rounds of funding. It also intends to collaborate with other edtech brands to expand its services. Additionally, GuruQ is all set to extend their services globally starting with UAE by the end of this year and moving on to UK, Singapore and US markets.