Ohio’s new K-12 education chief resigns after less than 1 month on the job

Ohio’s new superintendent of public instruction Steve Dackin resigned Friday – less than a month after he was selected to oversee the education of Ohio’s 1.7 million K-12 students.

Dackin, in a resignation letter, cited concerns about his recent selection to the role. Dackin, while serving as school board vice president, led the search for the position that he ultimately was selected for.

“Concerns have been raised about my recent acceptance of the position of Superintendent of Public Instruction,” Dackin wrote. “I don’t want ‘revolving door’ questions to distract from the important work ahead for schools, educators and especially the children.”

Ohio ethics laws prohibit board members from accepting any benefit, including compensation, from a contract authorized by a board they served on either during their term or for one year after they leave the board, said Paul Nick, executive director of the Ohio Ethics Commission.