Learn Greek Online with The Online Greek Tutor

Do you want to learn Greek but haven’t yet found the best way to do it? Do you know that you can do it online from the comfort of your couch at a time and day convenient to you?  The Online Greek tutor offers Greek lessons online to anyone wishing to improve their Greek, connect with Greek culture and history through the Greek language, according to The Online Greek Tutor’s Press release.

The Online Greek tutor which was founded by Valentinos Filippou, focuses on getting students to start speaking the language as soon as possible using interactive lessons. Through The Online Greek Tutor, you will learn Greek in the most advanced, easy, interactive, and fun way. Instead of investing your time in a long drive to your nearest Greek school, The Online Greek Tutor brings the Greek Class to your own home! The lessons are NOT delivered on Zoom but through a purpose-built Virtual Classroom for live online education.  As Valentinos Filippou puts it “We are using a safe and highly interactive environment, which makes our lessons friendly to students of all ages. Our youngest student is only 6 years old and our oldest student 75. We have tutors who specialize in teaching children and tutors who specialize in teaching adults’’.  

The content is presented on an interactive whiteboard which it is designed to achieve students’ maximum interaction (both students and tutors can interact with the whiteboard). All teaching materials are enriched with audios, videos, flashcards, quizzes and language games. Moreover, The Online Greek Tutor provides its teachers who are all professional native Greek speakers, special training with monthly seminars on topics related to the Greek language teaching and learning. One of the Online Greek Tutor’s principles is lifelong learning and the whole company is engaged in constant professional development.

(Photo: The Online Greek Tutor)

If you want to learn Greek, the Online Greek Tutor will guide you in order to find the course that suits your needs. They offer specialized courses such as Greek for tourists’ course, summer Greek speaking course in small groups, Greek conversation course, a basic Greek Cypriot course which focuses on words and phrases that are spoken in Cyprus in everyday conversations. In addition, the online Greek tutor offers General Greek which is the most popular course right now in both private and group classes. In General Greek the students develop their writing, listening, reading and of course their speaking skills.

The Online Greek tutor’s method is based on the communicative approach to language learning. Right now, a group of teachers with the guidance of a specialist in instructional design is building the school’s own materials and lessons plans to use in all their lessons. As founder Valentinos Filippou says ‘’this is a very big project for us, we worked very hard to build these materials and lessons plans and the response of our students to the new materials for the A1, A2, and B1 levels makes us proud of what we have achieved. Our students are very happy with the materials and they progress even faster than before. Our goal is to develop lessons plans and material for all levels’’. In addition, the school management closely monitors all courses to make sure all students are happy with the classes and most importantly they progress in Greek. We want to be sure that we offer the best possible online learning experience to all our students.

The Online Greek tutor’s journey started at the end of 2013. During that time, Valentinos was in England for 4 years and he was feeling that he was missing Cyprus. He persuaded his wife to move back to Cyprus but there was a problem. For four years, he has been working as a Greek teacher in Liverpool’s Greek community school and privately giving lessons to many children and adults of Greek background as well as many English people who were regular visitors to Greece and Cyprus. Moving to Cyprus meant that he would not have students and he would have to start again from the beginning. This made him think of ways to be able to keep his students and that’s how online teaching and learning came into his life. His first online student booked a class on the 21st of February 2014. As Valentinos Filippou says ‘’This was a day that I will never forget. I was very happy. By the summer of 2014, when we finally moved to Cyprus, I had already 10 online students while I also kept some of the student’s I’d had in Liverpool’’.

If you want to know more about The Online Greek Tutor and start learning Greek sign up for a free trial lesson with The Online Greek Tutor! If you are happy with the trial then you can continue lessons one-to-one. Three times per year (June, September and January) group lessons are open for registrations and you can apply to get an evaluation meeting and be placed in a group appropriate to your level. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. You could start your journey towards speaking fluent Greek today! Imagine this as opening a window to Greek culture and to the Greek people through the Greek language.