Learn Greek in summer group lessons with the Online Greek Tutor

The Online Greek tutor is happy to announce that the group Greek summer lessons are open for registrations until 6th of June 2022. You can apply by visiting their website on the link here. Fill in the form for the evaluation meeting and then, after the 6th of June, you will be informed about the day and time of your evaluation and all the necessary steps to join the summer group lessons.

The Group Summer Courses by The Online Greek tutor are suitable for those who wish to practice their speaking and listening language skills in Greek. They are not suitable for to those who wish to learn about grammar or writing in Greek. A clear and detailed course programme is provided to the students, which includes the description of the aims of the programme, the learning outcomes and the form and duration of the units.

About the Online Greek tutor

The Online Greek tutor offers private or group guided lessons online with professional tutors. The Online Greek Tutor ‘s mission is to help you communicate in Greek, either with your relatives in Greece or with the locals during your trips to Greece bringing you closer to Greek culture and history through the Greek language.

All their courses are conducted on a specific online platform, designed for language teaching, either in groups or private sessions. Every student has their own portal with all the information in regard to the classes. In this way, the school ensure that every student follows their course regardless of any challenges or obstacles along the way. Accessing your portal gives you all the background information regarding your courses, your courses history, and teaching materials.

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