How online tutoring proved to be an effective way of gaining knowledge

With the avid start of school year, primary and secondary schools in India are presented with the challenge of meeting students’ academic needs after the shift from online to offline. Financial difficulties coupled with the uncertainty from the pandemic along with the need to maintain social distancing undercut the role of traditional classroom education and burdened parents at home.

Before the pandemic, India struggled with unequal access to education. This divide was minimized owing to the advent of online tutoring due to more accessibility and affordability by varied income groups. Teachers were used to classroom teaching where they had the ability to engage with the whole class. This beca me a challenge with the transition to the online model wherein a teacher would have little control over what the student was doing. Students would have faced learning losses if not for the online tutoring since they could clarify these concepts with thseir tutor outside school.

Online tutoring definitely is an effective way of gaining knowledge for the following reasons:

  1. Minimizes the learning gap: Online tutoring provides effective routes to bridge the learning gap between a student and a tutor. Digitally backed tuition or curriculum development gives the necessary resources via the internet to make learning fast and efficient.Students have the opportunity to make up for a missed class and be in line with studies at school.
  2. Leads to better retention and engagement: Although hard to believe, it’s now proven by multiple researchers that lessons conducted through video delivers high engagement with students leading to improved levels of information retention when compared to the traditional classroom lectures.Most of the online tutoring platforms offer a variety of video learning resources which students can use for learning and gaining clarity of complex concepts. Online tutors are available 24/7 and students have access to speak with them anytime they want.
  3. Allows customization that engages student in an active learning process: Each student is different, their knowledge levels, style of learning etc. are all different and it is very critical to understand these subtle differences and offer right guidance in early childhood to encourage brain development. While students are in school, despite their difference in pace, a teacher is bound to cover parts that are pre-determined. This drawback is eliminated with online tutoring where if student A faces challenges with English can spend more time with an English tutor and if student B is weak in mathematical concepts, can practice more in the personal time with his tutor.
  4. Allows student more time for extra curricula’s & personality development

Online tutoring helps you save time. The student is not battling alone to finish homework or prepare for a test. Online classes can be attended within the comfort of your home. Not only does one escape the hassle of commuting but online tutoring also can be availed by students as per their schedule and requirements. This definitely opens up more space for extracurricular activities and play time which is essential for a holistic development.

Having said that, tutoring programs vary widely over a range of characteristics, from tutor type, setting, frequency and duration, subject, curriculum, and pedagogical approach. It is imperative to consider these factors before enrolling with an online tutor:

Who does the tutoring matters a great deal?Just the way every student has a learning style, so does a tutor. It is important that one can grasp concepts effectively when explained by the tutor. Be sure to test out your tutor. Ask for them to give you a trial lesson. Often times, tutoring is a matter of getting a good fit.

Technical faults can be a huge barrier. A faulty computer or an unreliable Wi-Fi may result in a disrupted lesson. These situations are unavoidable. Nobody can predict these conditions. Therefore, these technical issues count to be a significant disadvantage in this field of education.

Online tutoring is definitely an effective method of imparting education. We only need to look at ways to minimize the disadvantages and gain more out of it.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.