Here are the top 15

Michigan, famed more for its Great Lakes and long winters, is an excellent golf state – which may surprise players from around the world who haven’t sampled its diverse offerings of elite public and private golf courses.  

In a recent breakdown of the best five public-access courses in each state, Golfweek’s Best – which employs a mix of more than 800 golfers around the world – rated Michigan as the seventh-best state to play elite golf courses at daily-fee or resort facilities. That put Michigan squarely in the conversation with warm-weather destinations such as California, Florida and Hawaii. Oregon leads that list, with Wisconsin in second.  

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But when it comes to elite private golf courses, Michigan jumps far ahead of its neighbor on the opposite side of Lake Michigan. Michigan comes in No. 7 in Golfweek’s Best ranking of elite private clubs in the U.S., following in the wake of No. 1 New York, No. 2 California and a lineup of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Illinois. Michigan is ahead of stalwarts such as Florida, North Carolina and Arizona on the list. Wisconsin falls to No. 34 in this category.